International Cooperations

Beautiful environment, perfect facilities, various academic and cultural activities, actively creating a positive campus atmosphere to edify sentiment, enlighten minds imperceptibly, promoting all-round development for students.The following briefly illustrates this international campus atmosphere in terms of Master lecture, international conference and students mobility.

I. Masters' Lectures & Speeches

Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry(2004), Academician of Israel Academy of Sciences, Honorary Professor and Honorary Doctor of HUST, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College.

Prof. Jürge Hescheler, Honorary Doctor of HUST, High-end Expert of the Ministry of Education of China, Director of the Neurophysiology Research Institute of the Medical College of the University of Cologne, Germany, is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College

Prof. Brian K. Kobilka, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry(2012), the American Academician of Sciences, Stanford University, is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College, and is awarded the Honorary Professor of HUST.

Professor Henry Lee, Honorary Professor of HUST, world-renowned Chinese-American scientist, criminal forensic experts, known as the modern "Sherlock Holmes", is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College

Professor Donald Pfaff, Honorable Professor of HUST, double Academicians of the American National Academy of Sciences and Humanities Sciences, professor of Rockefeller University, is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College

Professor Ferid Murad, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology & Medicine(1998), is giving a lecture in Tongji Medical College

Professor CHEN Changzhong, senior bio-information engineer of Tumor Research Institute Affiliated to Harvard University, chief scientist of XYSolutions, is giving a lecture in "Medical High-Tech Tour"

Along with regular forums on scientific spirit and practice, and humanistic qualities, a batch of scientists, medical experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad were invited to give lectures about their experience and apperception, imparting knowledge of morality and scholarship.

II. International Meetings

Tongji Medical College holds a vaiety of international meetings or symposia to promote communication with other domestic or foreign scholars and to further expand international exchange.

In 2013, the 27th annual meeting of German-Chinese Association for Medicine was held in Germany.

2014 Yale-China Cancer Epidemiology & Biostatistics Workshop

2015 Sino-German Bilateral Symposium on Natural Products

2016 International Conference on Brain Network and Disease

III. Students Mobility and Exchanges

From 1980, a series of intercollegiate cooperation agreements was signed successively with Heidelberg University, University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany etc., clinical students exchange conducted thereafter and 270 German student did clerkship in Tongji ever since.

The International Federation of Medical Students Association, international exchange students in Tongji for one month clinical clerkship

Various Cross-Culture Exchange Programs as well as Summer and Winter Camps organized by China Service Center For Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Counties and under the framework of intercollegiate agreements